100 Spanish Words And Phrases To Kickstart Your Spanish Learning

Starting to learn a new language means getting the basics down first. ‘100 Spanish Words and Phrases to Kickstart Your Spanish Learning’ provides a simple way into the world of Spanish, with everything from basic hellos to important everyday words.

As you learn these basic words and phrases, think about the new cultural insights and practical communication skills you’ll gain. Imagine the doors that will open as you get better at Spanish. How will this new knowledge improve your conversations in Spanish-speaking places?

100 Basic Spanish Words and Phrases

Basic Spanish Words and Phrases

No. Spanish English
1 Hola Hello
2 Adiós Goodbye
3 Por favor Please
4 Gracias Thank you
5 De nada You’re welcome
6 Yes
7 No No
8 Disculpe Excuse me
9 Lo siento I’m sorry
10 Buenos días Good morning
11 Buenas tardes Good afternoon
12 Buenas noches Good night
13 ¿Cómo estás? How are you?
14 Bien Good
15 Mal Bad
16 Más o menos So-so
17 ¿Cómo te llamas? What’s your name?
18 Me llamo… My name is…
19 Mucho gusto Nice to meet you
20 ¿Qué tal? What’s up?
21 ¿Dónde está…? Where is…?
22 No entiendo I don’t understand
23 No hablo español I don’t speak Spanish
24 ¿Hablas inglés? Do you speak English?
25 ¿Cuánto cuesta? How much does it cost?
26 Agua Water
27 Comida Food
28 Baño Bathroom
29 Uno, dos, tres One, two, three
30 Por favor, habla más despacio Please speak more slowly
31 Casa House
32 Coche Car
33 Tienda Shop
34 Restaurante Restaurant
35 Banco Bank
36 Hospital Hospital
37 Policía Police
38 Aeropuerto Airport
39 Estación Station
40 Calle Street
41 Izquierda Left
42 Derecha Right
43 Recto Straight ahead
44 Cerca Near
45 Lejos Far
46 Grande Big
47 Pequeño Small
48 Caliente Hot
49 Frío Cold
50 Bueno Good
51 Malo Bad
52 Feliz Happy
53 Triste Sad
54 Cansado Tired
55 Hambriento Hungry
56 Sediento Thirsty
57 Enfermo Sick
58 Yo I
59 You
60 Él He
61 Ella She
62 Nosotros We
63 Ellos They
64 Este This
65 Ese That
66 Aquí Here
67 Allí There
68 Hoy Today
69 Mañana Tomorrow
70 Ayer Yesterday
71 Semana Week
72 Mes Month
73 Año Year
74 Hora Hour
75 Minuto Minute
76 Segundo Second
77 Dinero Money
78 Trabajo Work
79 Escuela School
80 Familia Family
81 Amigo Friend
82 Amor Love
83 Fiesta Party
84 Libro Book
85 Teléfono Phone
86 Televisión Television
87 Computadora Computer
88 Internet Internet
89 Perro Dog
90 Gato Cat
91 Sol Sun
92 Luna Moon
93 Estrella Star
94 Cielo Sky
95 Mar Sea
96 Playa Beach
97 Montaña Mountain
98 Bosque Forest
99 Ciudad City
100 País Country


The list of 100 basic Spanish words and phrases is a great starting point for anyone new to learning Spanish. This basic vocabulary helps learners communicate effectively in many everyday situations. It also helps with cultural understanding and practical skills. This isn’t just about learning words, but also about connecting better with Spanish-speaking communities.

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