The Best Pre-Wedding Facials for Glowing Skin

Everyone wants the best version of themselves for their wedding, which is the most special occasion in most individual’s life as everyone goes all out for the most memorable occasion. Apart from the best make-up artists and a line of cosmetics, there are also other things that you can do to look bright, rejuvenated and radiant for your special day. For this pre-glow and beautiful, gorgeous and healthy skin, here are a few facials that must be incorporated into your regime with enough time for the afterglow to show.

The Bespoke Ultimate Facial

This facial begins with the steps of lifting and sculpting techniques within the massage which is then followed by apt exfoliation and extraction of any toxins present on the skin. Since therapy that involves light current to stimulate the muscles seems to be the trend right now, the next step will be an antioxidant infusion of actively working ingredients that combine sound waves, light galvanic current and LED light therapy to bring the desired glow to the face and penetrating deep for the absorption of the materials for rejuvenation. Hyaluronic acid and amino silk proteins are an important base for the follow-up on the skin as it helps the skin look more plump, nourished and look naturally moisturized with no additional creams. As the final step, a nourishing face mask is put on the face to lock in the effects for the day and a blast of pure oxygen to leave you fresh as a flower. Ideally, this should be repeated through six sessions through a period of four months for calming the skin down and avoiding any breakouts, while cleaning up the existent acne and other dark spots and blemishes.

The Biolift Facial

There are immediate visible effects to this treatment that leaves the skin fresh and nourished, making it a perfect pre-wedding prepping. For good make-up skills to work the magic, the skin must be healthy and refreshed, glowing naturally that assists and complements the eventual application. This facial focuses on deep cleansing of the skin, treatments as per the unique skin type and much-needed exfoliation to remove the dead skin cells and other toxins by manually scrubbing or a peel-off mask that provides the same intended effects along with a lifting mask that makes sure the skin doesn’t sag with a face mask for the active ingredients to seep in for healthy skin. Involving fresh blasts of oxygen will ensure that the skin looks radiant and deeply moisturized along with the firming, smoothing and general energizing effects. A skin-care regime should be included for daily use purposes to maintain the effects of the facial until the wedding.

The Red Carpet facial

True to its name, this facial treatment will ensure that you end up looking like the star you wish to be at your own wedding. The treatment incorporates microdermabrasion with the help of the required tools which works for all kinds of skins. It also utilizes microcurrents to prep the skin and lift, firm and eventually allow the skin to glow. There are also anti-puffing effects associated with the treatment that leads the way to more firmer jawlines, cheekbones and fresher eye areas. It also works towards the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles with the help of amber LED light that eventually brightens the skin as well. There are other customized clear lights such as the green light for hyperpigmentation or even the blue light for breakouts. As always, this treatment ends with the oxygen-based misting that leads the way to more hydrated and rejuvenated skin for a wedding glow.

Lymphatic Drainage facial

Completely non-invasive and natural, this facial targets the lymphatic drainage that leads to skin looking less puffed up and more natural and healthy. It involves massages with perfect points of pressure that stimulates the blood circulation for draining the toxins and the puffiness while removing the bloated look as well. The radio frequency involved in the massage allows the skin to be tightened and toned enough for the circulation effects to be properly visible. This treatment is also useful for lifting the eyebrows and contouring the cheekbones and defining the jawline. The facial ends with LED light therapy that is great for sun spots, killing the unnecessary toxins on the skin and rejuvenation all over with a blast of trusted oxygen to maintain the look. As all facials, regular exposure is the best along with following up on treatments from home as well. Like workout, the best results come with constantly working out the face.

The Triple Crown Facial

Combined with the effects of light LED therapy which uses the red light to lighten the inflammation, build the collagen and general reduction of fine lines, wrinkles, and cellulite and sun damage. The facial begins with a process of light microdermabrasion for removing the impurities and the dead skin cells along with microcurrent for draining the puffiness and toning and tightening the muscle – all of these procedures can last for more than an hour. The facial includes the addition of oxygen-infused vitamin based treatment to freshen up the skin and radiance through supplementing with nutrients. This treatment is ideal for de-puffing and contouring and highlighting the cheekbones and jawline. The best medium of application would be with two hand-held prongs for the intended effects of the massaging and exfoliation.

As a tip, make sure that any facial you go for combines the LED light therapy, basic massaging techniques for exfoliation and extraction of any pollutants or toxins buildup that leads to puffiness and breakouts, removing the stress away with the help of microcurrent and even cryotherapy that gives immediate after-effects in a positive manner. Don’t restrict yourself to the face preferably – get your entire body the luxury treatment, especially for those evening the skin tone and reducing the sun damage in general. Once you have gone through the basics of all these facials, you realize quickly that most combine the same methods for desired results so look for other influencing factors and go for it.

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